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👋, I'm Michael Ross Tarr

proudly South African

Hey 👋, I'm Michael, but I also go as Sloth in some places. I'm a proudly South African freelance fullstack web developer. Being an avid gamer, I play games 🤣 but also listen to music from time to time ~ as in, I'm always listening to music. I'm currently purusing my post graduate honours level degree in Multimedia, with a focus on Mixed Reality.

My Projects

Just a few projects and companies that I have been working on over the years.

4C Recruitment RCM

4C Recruitment is a recruitment agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. They approached me to create a new database so they can manage their current applications, candidates and more.


Avalanche Analytics

One of my final year modules required me to work in a team to produce a product for an industry company. We got DNS.Business and were tasked with creating a playform to dispaly analytics and data from all of their domain namespaces under their control. I was tasked with creating the frontend application, as well as the DevOps of the project.

NextJSTailwindCSSDockerReduxReact Flow

Beaches South Africa

A project that is still work in progress, it is a mobile app and web portal to list all Beaches in South Africa, providing information about the beach.

NextJSReact NativeMongoDBFirebase


I am a freelance web developer at BotGhost, a no-code Discord bot builder currently serving over 200 000 users monthly. I develop frontend and backend additions for the platform.


Hyper Layer

I am a freelance developer at Hyper Layer, a leading South African hosting provider. Offering game servers, web hosting and dedicated servers.



A Discord server that gets status and alert messages from the major providers.

Technology Stack

I use primarily web-based languages and frameworks, but I am dabbling in game engines, specifically Unity with Meta XR for VR/MR development.

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